The Mission...

"To improve the productivity of our customers and the quality of their products."

To accomplish this mission TSD Engineering promotes the integration of mechanical design simulation and optimization tools into the front of the design process. This allows designs to be optimized during the concept phase where the engineers have the most flexibility. It has been found that an investment in time up front, getting a concept that works and is optimized will save time and money with fewer changes through the completion of the project.

To facilitate this, TSD Engineering is ready to become a part of your design team providing the benefits of experience and state-of-the-art tools. TSD Engineering will also work to develop the skills and tools of your existing design team members helping you with the art of letting form follow function in a way that best suits your company.

TSD Engineering was originally founded in 1982 by Jim Holst. Jim is a registered professional engineer in the state of California and has been a consultant in the field of applied mechanics since 1978. He has been involved in many industries including electronics, semiconductor, medical, aerospace, marine and nuclear performing physical tests and computer simulations in support of design engineers.

Jim has used many analysis, simulation and optimization tools over the years including NASTRAN, ANSYS and COSMOS. His current tool of choice is Pro/MECHANICA by Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC). He believes this is the best and most productive tool available for use in the design process.

"Designs evolve along a path of change and Pro/MECHANICA was developed from the ground up to work in that environment."

Jim has been both a PTC Pro/MECHANICA Certified Engineering Provider (CEP) as well as a Certified Instruction Provider (CIP). Jim has also been hired as a consultant to PTC by their Quality Assurance Group, Training Organization and Consulting Group.

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