Most Design Engineers who want to perform mechanical simulations will need to deal with assemblies. Most products are made up from multiple parts or assemblies. How you deal with assemblies or the connection between parts in your simulation model can have a huge impact on the results. The Pro/MECHANICA basic training classes offered talk very little about assemblies and focus mainly on single part analysis. This is because the subject of assemblies can be very complex and you could devote an entire training class to this alone. If fact, there are probably as many methods of handling assemblies as there are engineers performing simulations on them. There is no one overall governing method. Each case is different and there is no one correct method for each case. The following are tips and tricks used by many analysts in dealing with different types of assemblies and connections.

> Assembly Basics
> Contact Joints
> Rigid Connections
> Welded Joints
> Bolted Joints
> Glued Joints

> Thermal Contact Resistance

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