Solving Solution Convergence Problems...

One of the most unique capabilities of Pro/MECHANICA is the ability to automatically converge on an accurate mathematical solution. This is not to say it will automatically fix bad modeling or how loads and constraints are applied. These things are still left up to the users judgment. However, the process of refining the mathematical solution to achieve a user specified level of convergence has been automated. This convergence process utilizes a technique called the P-Element Method. This is discussed in the following link. Also, Pro/MECHANICA has two methods for automating this convergence process. These are also discussed in the links below. As with any automated process, things can go wrong. A review by humans is always appropriate. The following links discuss what to look for and how to fixed the most common problems.

> FEA and Convergence Basics
> Multi-Pass Adaptive (MPA) Convergence
> Single-Pass Adaptive (SPA) Convergence
> Checking Convergence Quality
> Fixing Convergence Problems for MPA
> Accuracy Issues for SPA

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