Debugging Meshing Problems...

In the current (2001) Integrated version of Pro/MECHANICA, the user interface (UI) allows you to define loads, constraints, material properties and other idealization data. The UI also allows you to setup Analyses or Design Studies. There is no mention of creating Finite Elements. As described in the FEA Basics section of this site, the Pro/MECHANICA solver works on an element mesh not geometry. In the Integrated version of Pro/MECHANICA the meshing is the front end of the solver process. When the Analysis or Design Study is run, the geometry will be automatically meshed with finite elements at that time. Most of the time the geometry will mesh with elements without error, however, nothing is perfect and this is where many of the problems will occur while using Pro/MECHANICA. The basic job of the mesher is to take the Pro/ENGINEER geometry along with all of the modeling data (loads, constraints, properties, measures, etc...) and create a finite element meshed model for the FEA engine to solve.

In the current (2001) Integrated Mode version there is no way to see the mesh through the UI unless you can get the problem to run. This can make it very challenging to debug meshing problems. The most common symptoms are that you get an error message and Pro/MECHANICA stops or, the meshing process goes on and on and on for a very long time.

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