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With TSD Engineering Online Consulting service the goal is to provide design engineers with the most meaningful engineering data in the quickest time possible. You may simply E-mail your model files or FAX a sketch, then give a call so we may talk about the details. Often times you may have some preliminary results within a few hours. In some cases you may have results while still on the phone.

Voice: 530-283-5931


"Design decisions are made in hours, not days or weeks"

By the time most traditional consulting companies would be sending you their proposal TSD Engineering wants to be sending you results. Results are not just a bunch of pictures. Based on many years of experience in evaluating designs you will get a professional evaluation of the data and guidance on what the next step should be.

To get started it's a good idea to call first. We will discuss what type of information is needed to get going with the job. You'll ZIP the data and either attach it to an E-mail or, if it's too big, you can up-load it to our FTP site. If security is an issue you will be setup with a special password protected directory on our FTP server.

With this service we will try to cut through all the red tape and get to the business of getting you useful data in a timely fashion that will have a meaningful impact on your design decisions.

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