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"TSD Engineering will become a member of your design team"

TSD Engineering would like to get involved in your project as soon as possible. Simulation tools are the most useful and most productive when used at the beginning of the design cycle. TSD Engineering's expertise is the most effective when integrated with your design team. The more known about your project and design goals up front the better we are able to recognize areas where we may have the greatest impact.

Contact us and we will work out a strategy for getting started.

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TSD Engineering's strategy is to produce useful results as soon as possible and keep the data coming at a useful and progressive rate during the design process. Our goal is the same as yours, to produce the highest quality design within the budget for both time and cost. Being a small owner operated company offers you some advantages over using larger consulting companies or even in-house resources. We'll burn the midnight oil if required and do what ever it takes to keep our customers happy and satisfied.

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